Some trips are better than others!

Like for instance the first of July 2018. That day I flew 574 km with an average speed of 90 km/h, see:

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Another good trip was June 15th 2018 where I flew 544 km doing 75 km/h, see:

AeroKurier Online Contest

The trip back from Lolland to Zealand was a little exciting, a fairly long water crossing. The west-east going cloud street at Zealand moved further and further away, the more I flew. Got hold of it in 255m AGL.

And finally a 520 km FAI triangle 11/5 - 20, see:

Jan flew this trip with an acquaintance of John's. Nice to have a glider that can do that.

Flying in the Alps

Lak 17 at Sisteron.mp4 (200 MB)

Monte Viso.mp4 (63 MB)

The old K8 has to be tried once in a while!

Spin training without wings (50 MB)